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For beginner level dancers who prefer a slower place with more attention to the basics of heels foundation, we offer Aisha Francis Heels Program for beginners! Aisha Francis Heels Program is a comprehensive 4 day/ 12 hour intensive program created for real women by a real woman. This particular program is focused on catering to women of all walks of life with little to no experience dancing in heels. Aisha Francis utilizes her experience as an industry veteran and pioneer of the heels movement to guide women of all ages, shapes and sizes to embody confidence, unleash their sexy and discover all of what their femininity has to offer! This program is full of women empowering other women with energy and support. At Aisha Francis Heels Program we offer a safe place to learn and enhance skills, have fun and grow as a woman and performer. This program is a no judgement zone!




Aisha Francis Heels Program is a 3 day, 12 hour beginner level heels program intended for women with little to no experience dancing in heels. This intensive is designed as a crash course on the very basics of heels technique. You will leave feeling sexy, confident and totally empowered in your heels.


Aisha Francis programs are different than any other program you've taken before! We offer unique, affordable and highly effective intensive programs designed to bring continuous, world class training to dancers who desire consistent and obvious growth in both movement and star performance quality. We highly recommend taking Aisha Francis Heels Program in addition to Aisha Francis Training Program. When combined and repeated, our programs create the ultimate fast track to the best performance level possible! 


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