Aisha Francis' signature Pump Camp currently offers three (3) types of classes. The classes offer varied levels of challenge and are all open to the public. Classes are full of energy and support; a safe place to learn, enhance skills, and grow as a performer. These class experiences are all no judgement zones. There are two (2) types of weekly classes. These regular weekly classes are held at Aisha's current resident dance studio, Evolution Studio in Los Angeles. Aisha also offers the touring Pump Camp Experience for beginners in a number of major cities. 


Weekly - Open Level

Pump camp heels

This class focuses on training. Participants learn how to discover and master their personal sexy walk, create lines and shapes, make smooth transitions, complete movements, tricks, level changes and balance. This class is full of useful exercises to help you become comfortable in your heels.

NOT a combo based class.

Weekly - Advanced Level

Pump camp heels

Advanced level dancers and is geared towards training industry dancers and preparing them for a lasting dance career. This class focuses on proper heels technique, lines, transitions, musicality, expression, perception, basically the total package of a performer.


Beginners Level

Pump camp

The Pump Camp Experience is a touring classes currently being offered in several major cities. The current class types are the UNLEASHED, RAW, and STRIPPED experiences. These classes are are all beginner level and require no prior dance experience for participation.

NOT combo based classes.



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