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Aisha Francis

Founder & CEO of Pump Camp LLC

Heels Royalty Certified Instructors



HEELS ROYALTY CertifiED Instructor and substitute


About Brynn

Born in Kansas, Brynn grew up in a family filled with music, artists and educators. She began her journey with dance as soon as she could walk and has been training in every art form she can get her hands on ever since. At age 4, Brynn began training at her local award winning competition studio and trained rigorously in jazz, proper stretching and conditioning technique, ballet and lyrical. At age ten, she began to compete in pageants where she fell in love with the advancement and support of other females. Along with her title, Miss Congeniality and various other awards, she won a scholarship to an acting studio in Kansas City, Missouri where she fell in love with acting and it wasn’t long before she knew she needed to make the move to Los Angeles.

At age thirteen, she began succeeding in the acting world with numerous notable commercial, television and film credits. At the age of 18 she immersed herself in the world of the commercial dance industry where she worked and trained for hours on end at the world famous Millennium Dance Complex for over four years. It was there that she fell in love with all styes of dance and wanted to train in as many as she could. Since then Brynn has trained in heels, hip hop, jazz, jazz funk, contemporary, bollywood, ballroom, arial arts and more. It wasn’t until she turned 22 that she met Aisha Francis and like most women, her life was forever changed. Brynn fell in love with Aisha’s teaching methods and ability to inspire. It was within Aisha and the young women that trained alongside her, that she had found her dance family. Brynn has been training under Aisha for over three years and now works with her side by side in both the office and on the dance floor. It is Brynn’s mission to dedicate her life to the advancement of women and children through philanthropy and education in the arts.


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About Lisa

Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Lisa started dancing at the age of three at her aunt’s award winning dance studio. Lisa trained in ballet, pointe, jazz, tap, lyrical, contemporary, acrobatics and gymnastics. At age 16, Lisa began her teaching career, specializing in jazz, technique and jazz funk training. At age 18, she began choreographing for competitive dance schools and found a love for creating and showcasing her own work. From there, Lisa knew she wanted to pursue her professional career as a dancer and made the move to Los Angeles. Lisa has been training with some of the top choreographers in the dance industry, including Aisha Francis. Aisha took Lisa under her wing and she began to train in heels technique and all around sexiness! Aisha Francis continues to provide mentorship for Lisa as she makes her way through the dance industry.


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