Outside of the tremendously successful Pump Camp classes, Aisha overs a number of specialized services that cater to dancers, entertainment industry professionals, and private groups and organizations. You may submit a consultation request directly with Aisha for specifics on scheduling and fees for these services. 

Artist Coaching

Artist coaching

Aisha offers a suite of professional dance, choreography and movement services to help create and improve the performance and presence of any artist on stage and in front of the camera. These services help hone the personalized performance skills of artist and prepare them to shine in commercial, film, and music video roles as well as live shows.


Private Lessons

private lessons  /  EVENTS

PRIVATE LESSONS are a one-on-one personalized sessions with Aisha design to help cultivate and fast-track a dancers growth and success.

PRIVATE EVENTS are onsite group sessions that are organized for people who otherwise may not have time or access, enjoy the full Aisha Francis experience together.


Performance Coaching

Movement is never as instinctive as most people think. That becomes very apparent when new and developing artists step into the spotlight and feel the pressures of on the spot performances. Performance coaching is designed to help artist prepare both mentally and physical to not only face, but shine in those moments.



  • Gain a better understanding of movement for your personal onstage character
  • How to connect with the audience/ how to allow the audience to connect with you
  • Learn to command the stage in an organic way

Movement Lessons & Development

Movement Lessons and Development put the artists in tune with their bodies. Aisha studies the individual movements of an artist and cultivates lessons designed to teach them how to use their body to turn emotions into body motions. These lessons also show artists how to maximize the space they are working in and fully involve there entire being into their performance. Artists ultimately learn to break free of personal quirks and discover the motions that embody their music, characters and vision.



  • Movement assessment and evaluation of individual strengths and weaknesses
  • An understanding of the "Geography of Dance"
  • Discover and cultivate a personalized "Movement IQ"


As a choreographer, Aisha fully commits to making an artist's vision come to life. Beyond developing a great looking routine, Aisha likes to focus on the artist and create movement that highlights and enhances who the artist is. With her extensive background in modern, ballet, tap, jazz, and gymnastics, her skills and vision in choreography are limitless.



  • Create memorable movement
  • Create shapes and lines that accent the artist
  • Showcase the artist and not cover them up with bells and whistles

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Private Lessons

Aisha offers Private Lessons for individuals who are not yet comfortable performing in front of others, or for people who simply are not available for regularly scheduled classes. All private lessons are completely customized to meet your individual dance needs. The initial lesson requires an extensive evaluation. It takes time and repetition to change habits and improve techniques, so 2 or 3 consistent weekly lessons are recommended.

Private Events


Private Events are private teaching sessions. They may be closed SPECIAL GUEST teaching engagements at dance studios, or other private and corporate event types. They offer a fun and social teaching engagement designed for parties, groups, companies, and organizations that also want to have the full H.B.I.C. experience locally. Travel and accommodations are required for Private Events outside the Los Angeles area.